A wrong grasp of security – The conclusion

Few days a go, I’ve written about a bad licensing design and mentioned I’ve send the company email regarding their problem and recommended a way to improve their licensing method. Today I’ve received a “thank you” response and they told me how they plan to fix it using some third party licensing modules (why build something your self, if someone already have done that?).

Of course, I wasn’t going to use the cracked version of the product and I’ve sent them a request to purchase this product (in a different email). I’ve received a response to that email as well and the response as following:

Hi again DiGMi,

I know you now have the key by decompiling the code and appreciate the feedback and honesty. Please continue to use the key as you wish as a token of our appreciation.

For future reference, the option to remove branding is now available:

Thanks again and best wishes,
John Doe

The conclusion: Doing the right thing can benefit you in many ways, even financially

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