Cellcom login information revealed – Part III

Well, I didn’t believe I will write another post in the subject so quick. But a bit after publishing my last post (reminder read this post first), I’ve went and changed my password to a random keystrokes. The interesting thing was, that my original password kept working! At first I thought that maybe I had a mistake and that I didn’t changed the password but then I tried to login with the same random keystrokes and it worked as well.

Apparently, You can’t  change your password, you can just add a new one. So if someone hacked your account, there is no way to lock him out.

Great security… just great….

Update: It seems like my old password doesn’t work anymore. It seems like It just worked for a few long minuets. I’ve tried reseting the password again while being logged in from another computer. It did not logged the other user out. It seems like I can keep the session forever.

Oh, And another cool thing, You can send 5 free text messages from the website, meaning you can impersonate the user and send messages that will seem to the receiver like the victim sent it.

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  • MisterT Says:

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    תזכרו שסלקום היא אחלה יעד לארגוני סייבר זרים והם מוכנים להשקיע מאמץ בדברים כאלה.

  • droid Says:

    Good work, man. Respect

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