Why you shouldn’t use “Uploading.com”

As some of you may know, I’ve been using the Uploading.com service for storing files for a while now. That’s the way I’ve been sharing my lecture notes, and other files that you can find in my blog.

I’ve used this service because for every download from Uploading.com, they promise to pay you 0.2 cents (or more depending on the file size). Why do they claim to pay users? Because they believe that every download increase the chance that someone will buy a premium account. If 1 out of every 1000 downloads does buy a premium account, they will still gain money.

Suddenly, out of the blue, the entire affiliate program vanished from their site. And all my earnings gone with it as well (I didn’t reach the minimum limit for withdraw yet).

When I’ve opened a ticket to the support team, They told me that they’ve decided to freeze the affiliate program for now (at least for 90 days). If you ask me, I don’t believe it will ever be back, and even if it does, when will they decide to take it down again is totally up to them.

I didn’t receive any email from them notifying me about the change. They did write something on the subject less than 24 hours before the change, but who checks it everyday?

That’s why I’m leaving their service, I don’t believe I’ll keep working with them and making my visitors wait 45 seconds for no good reason. I hope every user they have will do the same thing I did. Changing the terms and conditions without any warning is just not cool.

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