Feb 28 2012

HDR – First attempt

Last weekend I went on a vacation to Eilat with my family. We slept at “Isrotel – Princess” hotel. The service wasn’t that good. I hate it when hotels take money (and a lot of it) for internet connection, and it was even more annoying when the some of waitresses didn’t spoke word in Hebrew (nor English). But the view from the hotel… well… They got me there.

The red-sea as seen from Isrotel Princess

The red-sea as seen from Isrotel Princess

Feb 15 2012

Empires fall… Slowly.

My cover to a great song by Dan Toren.

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Feb 12 2012

Draw Me a Sheep

From the sheep's point of view, The Little Prince was a bit of a jerk...

How would you feel if Antoine de Saint-Exupéry trapped you inside a box?

Note: If you’ve never read “The little prince” then hurry up and do! online version can be found here.