LIMSUP – Real time LaTeX collaboration

Today, I’ve released the first beta of LIMSUP – a online LaTeX editor supporting real time collaboration.

It’s the first version, so it is probably very buggy, hope you will let me know about bugs.

The idea led to the development of the product was the need to take notes during lectures. As most of you know, I’m taking notes during most of the lectures I’m attending using my computer and latex. The problem is, that sometime it is hard to follow, and sometimes different people have different insights.
So, using LIMSUP, several people can take notes together. One will be the lead writer and the others will fix mistakes and add remarks.

Hope you will find it as useful as I. And hopefully I will continue the development and documentation.

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3 Responses to “LIMSUP – Real time LaTeX collaboration”

  • Liran Says:

    Hi, nice work!
    BTW do you happen to know any good tutorial for LaTeX as I’m planning to use it instead of a notebook in my CS degree next year?

    • DiGMi Says:

      Not really.
      Up until now, I’ve mainly used LyX in order to write my lecture notes.
      I’ve learn LaTeX mainly by just reading LaTeX code. It’s pretty straight forward, I’m sure you won’t have any problem understanding it after reading few samples.

  • Philipe Says:

    I stumbled upon the LIMSUP project a few days ago searching for a real-time collaborative LaTeX editor online. I’ve been using it since and it has overcome my expectations! I congratulate you for the usefulness of your project.
    I must admit I have not yet used the service for real-time collaboration itself. Even so, the combination of LIMSUP and Google Viewer (for the PDF viewing, which I realized is generated in spite of the render button) has made my browser a full LaTeX editor/compiler! With the most noted absence of image support though. This last feature is the only missing feature holding your service from full usage by the Scientific Community, IMHO.
    Keep up the good work! And keep us informed!

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