Jun 24 2013

Planning 2014 for HUJI students

I’ve upgraded my scheduling script to 2014.
It is located at the same place as the old one (http://www.digmi.org/huji/).

The current data is taken from the university’s website and hasn’t been formally published yet. Changes in the scheduling may occur, take that into consideration.

*** Working again! ***

Jan 5 2013

Speed control for Google Drive videos

Few guys I’m studying with are recording all of the Quantum theory lectures and sharing them with us using Google Drive.

The problem is that Google drive’s players lacks the feature of “fast forward”, which is essential if you don’t wanna wast a lot of time while reviewing old lectures.

So, I’ve dedicated few hours and came up with the following script that replaces the default player with one that has those features.

Instructions for Chrome users:

  1. Download the script from the link below.
  2. Click on the menu button near the address bar (the button with the three horizontal lines)
  3. Choose tools and extensions
  4. Drag the file you’ve just downloaded to the newly opened tab in chrome.
  5. Enjoy

After installation, whenever you will open a video that is stored in video drive, the player will be replaced and a text field and a button will be added. In order to control the speed of the playback, just type in the required speed and click the button. For example in order to view the video in double speed, just type 2 and click the button.

Download the UserScript

Please Note: I didn’t test it well enough, and currently it’s a bit ugly. Well very ugly. There might be issues with some videos. Please let me know about any problem you’ve got.

This site is hosted by:

Nov 3 2012

My Shapeways shop

For a long time, I wanted to build my own 3D printer. I’m not really sure what I will print with it, but I think it will be really cool to build one from scratch.

Today I’ve done some researching and found out which type I would like to build, and than I’ve heard the price for the material (200$ a liter… WTF?!).

During my research, I’ve came across Shapeways.
Shapeways is a cool site which allows you to upload your own models and print them with verity of materials including plastic, bronze, silver, stainless steel and more.
But one of the main features they’ve got, Shapeways allows you to share your models with others so they will be able to print them. You can even create an online store using Shapeways, and name a price for each material so you will be able to earn some cash that way.

Currently I’ve made only two models, One of them is a basic (and a bit ugly) Pawn, and the other is a key chain element which I will describe in another post.

I haven’t given up on the idea of building my own printer yet. But for meanwhile, this is a cool service.