May 19 2012

LIMSUP – Real time LaTeX collaboration

Today, I’ve released the first beta of LIMSUP – a online LaTeX editor supporting real time collaboration.

It’s the first version, so it is probably very buggy, hope you will let me know about bugs.

The idea led to the development of the product was the need to take notes during lectures. As most of you know, I’m taking notes during most of the lectures I’m attending using my computer and latex. The problem is, that sometime it is hard to follow, and sometimes different people have different insights.
So, using LIMSUP, several people can take notes together. One will be the lead writer and the others will fix mistakes and add remarks.

Hope you will find it as useful as I. And hopefully I will continue the development and documentation.

Apr 12 2012

Remove Wolfram|Alpha Ads

Not so long ago, Wolfram|Alpha released the new “Pro” membership which include some cool analytics features. The problem is, They’ve put some annoying ads every few queries.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the idea of ads, and I believe that they deserve to get some money for their wonderful work. But, man, those ads are really annoying. You can’t ignore them because they are blocking everything.

I’ve wanted to make a quick user-script that will remove those ads, but after a quick search I’ve discovered someone already did.

You can find the page of the script here. Or you can just install it by clicking on the following link:

This site is hosted by:

Jan 31 2012

Green’s Theorem?

I wish Green's Theorem had anything to do with Scotland...

Studying for Calculus…

Well, The semester is nearly over, And so begins the exams!

Good luck everyone!

Today a friend of mine borrowed me her pen tablet, this is the first drawing I made with it. I’m guessing I’m going to fail all my exams because of her. Drawing is much more fun.