Jan 1 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012!!! Enjoy it like it is the last year of your life! (according to a common mistaken translation of the Maya calendar, it might be…)

Dec 30 2011

A cool feature in Windows 7 – Minimizing other windows

I’ve found it by mistake, but it seems to be pretty useful (especially if you don’t like to close windows like me). Open a few windows, don’t minimize any of them! Click and hold the title of one of the windows and shake the mouse left and right (Just drag the window to the left, back to the right and to the left again).
And… All the other windows have been minimized!

In order to get them back, all you have to do is shake the same window again and here they are.

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Dec 23 2011

Bug in LyX for Mac – \Omega, \otimes are not being displayed on designer

If you are using LyX on mac you probably noticed that some symbols are missing while editing an equation.

One of the symbols missing is \Omega which is really annoying when you learn probability.
When you try and type \Omega, instead of seeing the symbol you will just see a blank space.

I’ve dived into the code, and found out how the all designer works. For most of the symbols, the translation is quite simple. There are several font files, and a file named symbols (located in /Application/LyX.app/Contents/Resources) which maps every latex code to the relevant font and unicode value.

The problem with \Omega and \otimes is that their unicode value is 0x00ad. And as it seems, QT4 has bug with characters with that code. LyX source code mentioned this bug in GuiPainter.cpp and it have some code to try and fix it, but for some reason it doesn’t work.

A work around for the \Omega is to make a small change in the symbols file, locate the Omega line (with capital O) and change the code from 173 to 937 (a code for different Omega character that is available in the font).

I didn’t find (didn’t really looked for) a way to fix the \otimes, because i don’t really use it. A way to fix it will be using a font editor and changing the font and map the wanted symbols from other unused code. Again, didn’t care enough to do it, If someone want me to just post here. But I believe that LyX developers will soon enough fix it.