Nov 22 2013


For a while now, I was looking for a good encrypted XMPP client, something that will support PGP for example.
I even considered developing one myself, But then I’ve found out about Psi.

Psi is a simple to use open-source XMPP client, that has PGP integrated into it. It works with GTalk (Google Chat) and Facebook. All you need to do is install it, generate your key (if you don’t have one already) and add your friends public key.

The software can function as normal XMPP client as well, Meaning if your friend doesn’t have it, you can discuss in plain-text mode. If you will send him an encrypted message, he will see an error message indicating that the message is encrypted: “[ERROR: This message is encrypted, and you are unable to decrypt it.]”.

Sep 5 2013

Lago, Lago, Lago

Yesterday, we’ve arrived to Verona, Italy at morning.
We’ve traveled around Verona at first, which was a bit boring and hot, but the old city was kinda nice.
Later we headed north to Sopramonte, which where our first hotel was at (Relais vecchio maso).
The hotel is very beautiful, with amazing mountain view.

At night we headed to the nearest city, Trento. The old city was full of life and pretty. We’ve eaten pretty good past at Rosa D’oro with good house wine.
Today we’ve traveled few of the nearby lakes. We’ve been to lago di terlago which was nice:

And later bought some groceries at a local supermarket and went picnicking at Lago di Lamar which was amazingly beautiful.

Tomorrow we will be heading to Bologna. We are expecting a long drive there.

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Aug 8 2013

OsDown – A script to download subtitles

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of movies using Apple TV as a streamer.
I am using Beamer as the streaming app for my macbook air. Beamer also supports streaming with subtitles, which is a very cool feature, but you need to download the subtitles manually.

A year ago, I’ve built a Mac app called Sheeplayer¬†which is a basic video player with the capabilities of downloading subtitles automatically from OpenSubtitles. Today I’ve decided to extract this capability into an independent script so I will be able to download the subtitles automatically to a given folder without executing any other program.

The script can be found at my github at: