Feb 12 2012

Draw Me a Sheep

From the sheep's point of view, The Little Prince was a bit of a jerk...

How would you feel if Antoine de Saint-Exupéry trapped you inside a box?

Note: If you’ve never read “The little prince” then hurry up and do! online version can be found here.

Feb 1 2012


The Entropy will rise! Hail the Entropy!

Well, that’s what happens when I have to study thermodynamics…

By the way, There’s even a zeroth law (added later on) in both thermodynamics and laws of robotics.

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Jan 31 2012

Green’s Theorem?

I wish Green's Theorem had anything to do with Scotland...

Studying for Calculus…

Well, The semester is nearly over, And so begins the exams!

Good luck everyone!

Today a friend of mine borrowed me her pen tablet, this is the first drawing I made with it. I’m guessing I’m going to fail all my exams because of her. Drawing is much more fun.