Aug 8 2013

OsDown – A script to download subtitles

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of movies using Apple TV as a streamer.
I am using Beamer as the streaming app for my macbook air. Beamer also supports streaming with subtitles, which is a very cool feature, but you need to download the subtitles manually.

A year ago, I’ve built a Mac app called Sheeplayer¬†which is a basic video player with the capabilities of downloading subtitles automatically from OpenSubtitles. Today I’ve decided to extract this capability into an independent script so I will be able to download the subtitles automatically to a given folder without executing any other program.

The script can be found at my github at:

Jul 14 2012


Not so long ago, A friend introduced me to Media Player Classic – Home Cinema, which is by all means a great player for windows.

The feature that did it for me, was the ability to download subtitles automatically for your video. Before, I was too lazy to try and figure out which subtitles fit, so most of the time I just watch the video without subtitles. But now, All I have to do is to click on a button and there they are!

I was looking for a player with the same feature on Mac, But couldn’t find one. So… I’ve made one.

This player is based on MPlayer OSx Extended and currently I’ve only added the OpenSubtitles API which allows downloading subtitles automatically.

The player still contains some bugs, And hopefully I will fix them in time.

You can found the player here: SheePlayer.

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